Where Do I Fish?

When I am having a long and tiring day, and I know I have a free day coming up soon, I will plan accordingly. Sometimes I will take my two partners out into the real world and we will enjoy what the environment has to offer us all together. Other days, if the day was tiring because of them, or if I’m looking for some alone time, I will almost always choose to fish first.

Growing up, my dad and I did a lot of fishing together in back creeks and random ponds. Only rarely would we go visit vast lakes, rivers, and the occasional ocean trip to curb our fishing addiction. Nowadays, when I decide that I want to go fish, I will take a short little drive, and take a little boat my dad boat me, and cruise out into the ocean to see what is biting. Only rarely will I catch a larger fish than I expect, but the purpose for me fishing is an activity that provides me solitude and an escape from the trials of everyday life. Sometimes, a girl needs to think by herself for a while without external people or sounds affecting the flow of thoughts. I find living with two other people does not necessarily give you a lot of alone time, and sometimes I have to seek that out myself, which can sometimes be a struggle since both of my lovers are loving and affectionate people, but they understand I need space sometimes.

When I take these little ocean trips, the sound of the moving ways is so peaceful. The seagulls don’t really fly out to far over the ocean, the waves are not cracking, there just really is not that much action the further off shore you go in a boat. To me, it is the most peaceful feeling in the world. Being out in the middle of an ocean, where there is no people to come bother you.

One of the perks of going out on a boat in the middle of the ocean is that fishing will give you a whole bunch of surprises. Since the ocean hones most of the life on the face of the planet, it is always a guess what will take a bite on the line of your fishing pole. I am almost always treated to a different kind of fish than the last one I got, and I usually will take whatever I catch home to cook for me and the roomies!

So yup! The ocean is my favorite place to fish due to the unpredictability of the fish to catch, and the peace and solitude that the ocean provides!

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