Monthly Archives: August 2016

Cleaning Up Parks Cont’d

Once we got back to the main camp we gathered some more tools and brought them back to the rest of my group’s volunteer area. Once we unpacked the tools, I was asked to climb a ladder and trim the trees from up top. I did that for about half an hour, while the rest of my time […]

Cleaning Up Parks

My other two thirds had just gotten an internship in the Sacramento County area, so I figured I would make myself useful and while I was there with them, I wanted to continue to work on my major, Environmental Science. I had taken up a class at Sacramento State, and one of the assignments was […]

Fishing in Bays

When is it not fishing season in the bay area? In California, many of the streams and rivers that lead away from far inland and close by reservoirs, as well as over flooded areas, just about all the ones in Northern California make their way to the bay area. All around the bay, and on […]