About Me

I am a 5 foot 3 inch girl. I am of athletic build, but nothing of spectacular body measurements, although I am a petite one. I live a lifestyle that is seemingly constantly moving, and most of the pauses are to eat sushi with my friends and family! My goal for life is to help as many people as I can, and I spend a lot of my time talking to people and trying to be as social of a human as I can, this is one of my outlets. I attended UC Irvine and graduated with a degree in Bird Law, something I am very proud of that I have accomplished  in my life. I am bisexual, and am involved in a three way relationship with another girl and a boy, both humans of my dreams. Our sex life is fantastic, our emotional life is magnificent, and we are connected through our minds, bodies, souls, and hearts more than I think you could imagine. If anyone is interested in how this relationship, I would be happy to share everything going on in our lives with you. contact me at chickswhofish@gmail.com