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The Oroville Disaster in the Making

On Sunday, 188,000 people were evacuated from the towns surrounding California’s Oroville Dam, after the discovery of a hole in the main spillway raised fears of flash floods and large-scale deluge. How dangerous is the situation? What’s being done to fix it? How long are the evacuation going to last? These are just a few […]

Alaskan Fishing

Have you ever been to Alaska in the summer? Chances are you haven’t. I imagine many people haven’t had the privilege and opportunity to see the last frontier in the summer. It is something else to say the least. What a beautiful place. Picture a place with 20 hours of light in the summer. You […]

Cleaning Up Parks Cont’d

Once we got back to the main camp we gathered some more tools and brought them back to the rest of my group’s volunteer area. Once we unpacked the tools, I was asked to climb a ladder and trim the trees from up top. I did that for about half an hour, while the rest of my time […]

Cleaning Up Parks

My other two thirds had just gotten an internship in the Sacramento County area, so I figured I would make myself useful and while I was there with them, I wanted to continue to work on my major, Environmental Science. I had taken up a class at Sacramento State, and one of the assignments was […]

Fishing in Bays

When is it not fishing season in the bay area? In California, many of the streams and rivers that lead away from far inland and close by reservoirs, as well as over flooded areas, just about all the ones in Northern California make their way to the bay area. All around the bay, and on […]

Where Do I Fish?

When I am having a long and tiring day, and I know I have a free day coming up soon, I will plan accordingly. Sometimes I will take my two partners out into the real world and we will enjoy what the environment has to offer us all together. Other days, if the day was […]

Our Relationship Today

After our initial alcohol infused outing was performed, many, many times in that one night, we woke up the following morning all sleeping in the same bed together. Often I will hear people say that after one of these sexual experiences that happen due to the presence of alcohol, the people will wake in the […]

My 3 person Relationship

I have always been interested in both sexes of humans. My appeal to both sexes I think stems from spending most of my life hanging out with both of my parents regularly. I learned to appreciate both sexes and what each of my parent’s male and female personalities had to offer me. Throughout school, I […]

Be Proactive with Your Life

I’ve always been a girl who likes to spend her time outside. My childhood consisted of growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, at the point when many of the people around me started tuning into the technology, and away from what the earth had to offer. My parents were the same in my […]

I Purge Fish

My favorite place to go hang out for an extended period of time is definitely Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is situated about 6000 feet in Elevation near the Sierra mountains, and sits right on the border of California, and Nevada, two states in the United States of America. Growing up in the Northern California area, […]