Cleaning Up Parks Cont’d

Once we got back to the main camp we gathered some more tools and brought them back to the rest of my group’s volunteer area. Once we unpacked the tools, I was asked to climb a ladder and trim the trees from up top. I did that for about half an hour, while the rest of my time I continued to mulch, which was my favorite activity. During my last hour was where I did a lot of communicating with this man from Japan. He was a very young looking 25 year old who said he moved to United States just a few months ago. He said he was here to be a minister in a local Church. He said it was his first time in the Land Park cleanup, but said it would not be his last because volunteering is one of his passions. I got to know a lot about him and he seemed like a very good person and I learned a lot from him.

Once it was 12 o’clock, we all walked back to the beginning station together. Once we arrived we were treated to complimentary sandwiches from the Sandwich Spot. I had a turkey avocado sandwich with chips and a soda. I hung around for about another half hour talking with some fellow volunteers at a table while we shared a meal together.I had a very enjoyable time volunteering and I really think I would like to do it again over summer. It made me feel really good about myself and I got to have a lot of thinking time to myself, which is something I do not get too often. I am happy we this was a part of our classwork and it pushed me to meet some new people and figure out some things in my life that I can do to be happy. I’d be struggling with my happiness lately and giving back and being proactive with my life made me start to feel a little better again.

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